Shielding Seniors IV

Shielding Seniors IV

Previously in this series regarding shielding seniors, we have learned about recent legislation that is taking much needed steps to improve our justice system when it comes to prosecuting elder abuse, what is elder abuse and what signs to look for. Now we must learn what to do when we believe we are witnessing elder abuse. As we follow along in this narrative we must trust ourselves to do the right thing when it comes to spotting elder abuse, but in the end we must start to report it. It is estimated that older Americans suffer at least $2.9 billion dollars a year in financial exploitation. That is not even including the billions of dollars it costs business, families and the government. So what do we do when we suspect elder abuse?

According to, first try talking privately with your loved one if you suspect they are in trouble. Start by saying you think something is wrong and you want to help. If you do not get answers to your questions it’s very possible that that person is being abused. If they tell you someone is hurting him or if you still suspect they are in immediate danger, call 911.

If the problem isn’t urgent you can contact Adult Protective Services in the state the elder lives in and you do not need proof of the abuse to make the call. The agency will send someone to the person’s place of residence to check it out and report if necessary along with taking steps to make sure they are safe. There are also national, state, and local agencies that can help older people with emotional, legal and financial problems.

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