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Becoming a Family Caregiver for an Ailing Loved One

Taking on the responsibility of providing full-time care for an aging or disabled loved one can be a rewarding experience. Being a primary caregiver helps you rest assured that your loved one is receiving compassionate care from someone who will go above and beyond to ensure they are comfortable and looked after.   Despite your good intentions to create a comfortable environment for your loved one, full-time caregiving is a significant time commitment. There is also a financial reality that the caregiver must face. Fortunately, family members who want to serve as caregivers may have options to help cover the expense. What Is a Caregiver, and What Do They Do?  Professional caregivers work intimately with seniors to meet their needs as they age. As individuals get older, their needs change and they may need more help going about their day.  Examples of the kinds of help caregivers provide include: Bathing and grooming Help with toileting  Medical appointments and medication compliance Tr

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