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COVID-19 Vaccinations Under a New Administration

The expansion of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, several weeks after it began, is part of a vaccine "playbook" issued to US states in September 2020. The playbook leaves many details of the vaccine's implementation up to individual state governments, confusing older adults trying to figure out how, where, and when they are eligible to receive proper vaccination. The move is opening COVID-19 vaccinations to affordable senior housing and independent living residents throughout the nation, who were not considered among the priority groups in phase 1a of the rollout, enabling anyone 65 or more years old to receive the vaccine. Also, those Americans younger than 65 with comorbidities will receive the vaccine as long as they can produce medical documentation required by the state in which they reside. According to Karina Barragan , a 504 coordinator and director of social services programs for The East Los Angeles Community Union ( TELACU ), a community development corporat

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