Getting to know Elder Law of Omaha

Getting to know Elder Law of Omaha.

                Elder Law of Omaha has grown from a one (wo)man operation to the thriving, growing law firm it is today. Catherine began to practice elder law with the assistance of her own grandmother. Catherine, who was mostly practicing family law at the time, had helped her grandmother with estate planning. After that, her grandmother recommended so many clients to Catherine for not only estate planning as well but also other issues that disproportionately affect the elderly and disabled such as Medicaid, planning for veteran benefits, and asset preservation that Catherine realized how under served the elderly population was and thus, Elder Law of Omaha was born.

Catherine has remained loyal to her roots and treats every client that comes to her law firm like they are family. This quality has served her and Omaha and the surrounding areas well and allowed Catherine to grow her law firm to now include three more attorneys: Nick Halbur, Adam Wintz and Samantha D’Angelo, as well as eight support staff, including two full time public benefit specialists who specialize in Medicaid. In the upcoming weeks we will feature each attorney and staff member at Elder Law of Omaha in this blog.

Elder Law of Omaha’s practice includes estate planning, asset preservation, guardianships and conservatorships, and probate. Elder Law of Omaha offers caring guidance through life’s journey. Call 402-614-6400 for a free 30 min consultation.