Brain Games for Seniors

There is a new and expanding thought process that brain games for seniors can help in avoiding, postponing or help mitigate debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive function related diseases.

Scientists are starting to discover that the old thought process that your brain peak’s at a young age and after a certain age is slowed and declining is simply untrue. There is belief that the brain is capable of development and learning new skill even when it is older. This is welcome news for those living or working with seniors who are coping with these diseases.

In a recent study, seniors were tested and given varied activities. Some seniors learned one skill only like learning to quilt, another group learned digital photography and yet another learned both. One group was asked to do non-active activities like reading newspapers or doing a crossword puzzle. The groups that had active, hands-on activities scored the highest with the researchers tested memory capabilities after 14 weeks. 

So what does this mean for those that are working with seniors, caring for seniors, or are senior themselves? Challenge the brain! Learn new skills, learn a new language and push the brain to learn something new. While doing crosswords and reading are still ways to pass time and can be enjoyed it relies too much on passive participation. Research is still early and the market is starting to get flooded with new products designed to support this idea, but the key takeaway may be that the brain loves new things. If learning a new game or new skill could have beneficial health benefits effects to help the fight off these diseases then it may be well worth the effort.

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