Long Term Benefits for Surviving Spouses of Veterans

There are over 9 million surviving spouses of veterans currently living in the United States.  Many of these surviving spouses are receiving long term care or will need some type of long term care in the near future. There are funds available from the Veterans Administration (VA) to help pay for that care.  Unfortunately, many of those who are eligible have no idea that any benefits exist for them or that an attorney can help them become eligible.

There are three types of pension benefits available that provide monthly cash payments to surviving spouses who either have low income, long term health care needs, or both. The pension benefit is referred to as Death Pension.

The Death Pension provides a monthly cash payment to surviving spouses of veterans who meet active duty and discharge requirements, age or disability requirements, and limited income or assets.

The Death Pension with Housebound Allowance is available for surviving spouses of wartime veterans but who are confined to their home for medical reasons.

The Aid and Attendance is available when a surviving spouse requires the assistance of another person to perform activities of daily living, or is blind or nearly so or is a patient in a nursing home. 

There are eligibility requirements that the surviving spouse and the veteran must meet to apply. Our experienced attorneys at Elder Law of Omaha can provide you with advice and information on estate planning and your options for veterans’ and other public benefits. Call us today to set up you free consultation at 402-614-6400.