Tech Savvy

The best tech items to enrich the lives of seniors.

Jitterbug has created an easy to use cell phone for seniors. It has a simple rate plan with no contract to sign. Jitterbug's large buttons and screen are easy to use. Get it here.

Automatic pill dispensers make medication management easy and safe. Medready's lockable pill dispenser holds 28 days of medication. Also, it has a high-frequency alarm to notify when pills are to be taken. Personally, my grandmother has had great results with this product. Get it here.

The ipad air is perfect for seniors with its lightweight and intuitive design. Get it here.

Aetrex GPS shoes make it easy for caregivers to ensure that the wearer is in a safe location. Get them here.

Grand Care uses motion sensors to determine the users activity. Also, it comes with a built in microphone and camera. This easy to use system allows seniors and their families to use it to their benefit. Get it here.

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