NE Bill Proposes Medicaid Funds for In-Home Care

Legislative Bill 690 proposes a new option for seniors that will require government assistance in their retirement years. The bill would finance in-home care for those Medicaid-eligible elderly. This option would be a cost affective alternative to the more expensive nursing home facilities for Medicaid-eligible seniors. Currently, it costs approximately $52,000 annually for nursing facility care as opposed to $2,100 for in-home care. 

Where's the catch? The state will have to spend $8.6 million over the next two years to obtain the $37 million in federally matched funds. If the state obtains the 4-to-1 matching funds they will be used to expand in-home care services such as transportation and respite care. Additionally, the bill will create an Aging Nebraskans Task Force to better plan for the increased elderly population.

The bill's sponsor, State Senator Kate Bolz,  argues that the bill will save money in the long run. Nebraska's elderly population  is expected to increase 74% to more than 400,000 seniors over the age of 65 by the year 2030. Nebraska will face a fiscal crisis regarding care for the elderly if proactive steps are not taken.

For more information visit the bill and here.

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