Central Nebraska Veterans' Home to Stay in Kearney

Legislative Bill 935 allows the unicameral, rather than the governor, to review the proposal to move major state facilities (worth $15 million or more). 

Yesterday, the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee advanced a new version LB 935 to the full legislature. This new version will not retroactively apply to the decision made last July by Governor Heineman to move the Central Nebraska Veterans' Home to Kearney. The veterans' home has been in Grand Island for the last 127 years.

Previous Summary of the VA Home Debate:

Grand Island's Case for Central Nebraska's Veterans' Home is here. 7 clear points are made by the Grand Island Independent Newspaper.

Grand Island pleads governor for a do-over on their Veterans Home here. Also, Legislative Bill 935 proposes to place the authority with the legislature to relocate state institutions rather than the governor. Furthermore, the bill would apply retroactively to the pending plan to build Central Nebraska's Veterans' Home in Kearney.

Governor Heineman asks for the support of Grand Island officials with plans to move the VA Home to Kearney here

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