Top 3 Nebraska Summer Attractions: Mahoney State Park

Mahoney State Park: Don't be deceived by the title 'state park', this is not your average park. Mahoney's facilities include a water-park, horseback riding, hiking trials, camp grounds, and a theater. All ages will be easily entertained here.  

Comfortable and affordable lodging options are available via the rooms at the main lodge as well as, private cabins with modern amenities and fully equipped kitchens.The private cabins are perfect for large family gatherings or reunions. Moreover, handicap accessible cabins are available. 

Mahoney is especially-well situated for seniors. They are free to move at whatever pace they prefer while still being a part of the fun. Relaxation can be found by the campfire or floating along the lazy-river. On the other hand, horseback riding and wave pool jumping are available for those with a more active appetite.


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