The Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation consists of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their young children or grown children over 18 years old. Adults who are part of the Sandwich Generation are pulled in many directions. While some adults are likely to provide financial support to both their aging parents and grown children, even more are providing emotional support.

According to the Pew Research Center, almost half (47%) of American adults in their 40's and 50's have a parent age 65 or older and are either raising a young child or supporting a grown child.[1] Also, about 15% of middle aged Americans are providing financial support to both an aging parent and a child.[2] Men and women are equally likely to be members of the Sandwich Generation.[3]

Adults squeezed between these two generations should remember to seek assistance from local agencies on aging, skilled caregivers, and elder law attorneys. Our next post will provide a complete list of Nebraska resources for the elderly and their loved ones. Please, stay tuned.