Estate & Medicaid Planning: Stress Less

A recent high-profile case in Nebraska has highlighted the need for families to plan in advance for their estate. This is especially the case when large amounts of valuable farmland are involved. No one wants their loved ones arguing over their estate after they have passed. Stress, conflict, time, and money can all be saved by planning a head.

The first step is to meet with an experienced attorney to go over what assets exist and what can be done with them. Next, options for different planning tools will be laid out in front of you. Wills, trusts, financial power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and medicaid planning can all be used to benefit you and your loved ones. After signing and properly storing these documents you can rest easy knowing that your estate is planned for in advance.

This article should not be construed as legal advice. Situations are different and it’s impossible to provide legal advice for every situation without knowing the individual facts.