Assisted Living vs. Long Term Care

Weighing the pros and cons of assisted living versus long term care can be overwhelming and stressful. The recent PBS Frontline story “Life and Death in Assisted Living”[1] demonstrated the strain this decision can place on families and their elderly loved one. It is a complicated decision that can be assisted by experienced Elder Law attorneys. 

Nebraska’s regulations for Assisted Living Facilities and Long Term Care facilities differ greatly. Elder Law attorneys can assist families in making an informed decision whether Assisted Living or Long Term Care is best for their loved one, as well as considering their particular needs. Important factors to consider include: cost, supervision needed, transportation, environment, distance from family, and medical conditions that require extra monitoring or medication. Furthermore, Elder Law attorneys can help families navigate through lengthy and dense admissions agreements required for admittance.

Additionally, it is important to consider alternatives to Assisted Living or Long Term Care. Adult day care services are available in larger Nebraska cities. Alternatively, home care for seniors is available throughout the state. Understanding the differences between these programs will lead to a better choice for your loved one.


This article should not be construed as legal advice. Situations are different and it’s impossible to provide legal advice for every situation without knowing the individual facts.