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Digital Technology Can Reduce Hospital Readmissions and Enhance Quality of Care

The information or digital technology age is rapidly transforming our everyday lives. Everyday smartphones, tablets, and other web-enabled devices allow us to communicate seamlessly. Technology applications have changed medical communities and systems, morphing them into an information-rich enterprise. Digital management of medical information is creating health care efficiencies and reducing unnecessary health expenditures.

Proper implementation of digital technology can save the US Medicare program billions of dollars by lowering hospital readmission rates according to McKnight's Senior Living. The US government reports that one in five Medicare beneficiaries will return to the hospital within one month of discharge. PatientBond Blog says these hospital readmissions cost Medicare approximately $17 billion. Application of the proper technology at the appropriate time by providers reduces readmissions, delivers better care at any time and any location, and creates efficiencies thro…

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